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Awesome Rental! Best Accommodations for the money in DC!
(July 31, 2014)
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I rented a place short-term from this landlord and it was the best rental experience I've had to date. As an independent contractor, I travel quite a bit and have lived in major cities around the US. This place blew my socks off! The quality of the space, upscale furnishings, affordable price and very responsive and considerate landlords makes this my place of choice whenever I come to DC, if it's available. These people take customer service seriously -- setting the bar very high for landlords in DC. They return calls within 24 hours, maintain the property impeccably and are always available if I have a question or concern. If you're lucky enough to score a rental here, you will not be disappointed.

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(February 24, 2012)
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Absolute nightmare is exactly what I would call this property. Landlords DISCONNECTED THE STOVE and refused to reconnect it unless either myself or my roommate admitted to leaving an empty pot on the stove all night (for the record, it was NOT me). There was no damage from this incident.

When I asked for compensation for the 3 weeks that the stove wasn't on, to pay me back for the perishable groceries I had to throw out and for having to eat out every day, they refused. I explained that I had a reasonable expectation for the stove to be functional when I rented the property (I wouldn't rent a place without a stove!), they still refused. I wasn't asking for much: $10 for each day (which still would not even cover my damages).

Beyond this stressful and ridiculous experience, the apartment, while like in the pictures they will post in the Craigslist ad, is newly remodeled, the entire place has 3 tiny windows, none of which are in the bedrooms. I rented this room without visiting, as I moved across country. So I didn't realize that every day I would be suffocating in a dark room with no windows, feeling like I was in a jail cell. They have dogs that are super loud and my bedroom was under the staircase so anytime someone came pounding down the stairs, I heard it. Also, the male landlord keeps a room of tools in the basement next to the room I stayed in, so every day he would barge in the apartment (without informing us) to get his stuff. Not something I, as a tiny little female, was comfortable with, nor told would be happening before I signed the lease.

Furthermore, the basement has mice and a variety of insects: I saw tiny worm things, some grasshopper/roach mutant, and spiders.


PS: They have more properties you'll want to stay away from. One is at 5210 14th St NW and I believe they have another on Allison and New Hampshire St. in Petworth.

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College or Program Distance
Levine School of Music 1.38 mi
Walter Reed Army Medical Center 1.60 mi
University of DC 1.72 mi
University of DC School of Law 1.72 mi
Washington Theological Union 1.78 mi
Washington Hospital Center 1.95 mi
Veterans Affairs Medical Center 2.04 mi
Children's National Medical Center 2.13 mi
Pontifical John Paul II Institute 2.22 mi
Catholic University of America 2.35 mi

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Kingsbury Day SchoolPrivate, Special Education9-12-0.15mi
West Elementary SchoolPublicPK-80.2mi
Washington Latin High PcsMagnet9-11-0.38mi
Brightwood Elementary SchoolPublicPK-80.55mi
Sharpe Health SchoolSp-EdPK-100.71mi
Truesdell Elementary SchoolPublicPK-80.72mi
Jewish Primary Day School/nations CapitalPrivate, Special Program EmphasisPK,K-6-0.75mi
Center City - Brightwood Campus PcsCharterPK-80.78mi
Roosevelt Senior High SchoolPublic9-120.79mi
Roosevelt StayAlt.UG-0.79mi
Nativity Catholic AcademyPrivatePK, K-8-0.79mi
Macfarland Middle SchoolPublic5-80.8mi
Powell Elementary SchoolPublicPK-40.83mi
Paul Junior High School PcsCharter6-90.85mi
Cesar Chavez Pcs Bruce CampusCharter6-90.86mi
Bridges BabiesPrivatePK,K-8-0.9mi
E L Haynes Pcs Kansas Avenue CampusCharterPK-2-0.93mi
Tots Developmental SchoolPrivate, Early Childhood Program/Day Care CenterPK,K-0.95mi
High Road Primary School Of Washington DcPrivate, Special EducationUG-0.96mi
Barnard Elementary SchoolPublicPK-51.15mi
St Gabriel SchoolPrivatePK, K-8-1.18mi
Center City - Petworth Campus PcsCharterPK-81.21mi
Whittier Elementary SchoolPublicPK-81.28mi
Raymond Elementary SchoolPublicPK-81.33mi
Coolidge Senior High SchoolPublic9-121.34mi
Preparatory School Of DcPrivatePK,K-9-1.37mi
Bancroft Elementary SchoolPublicPK-51.38mi
Sacred Heart SchoolPrivatePK,K-8-1.48mi
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