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(June 7, 2013)
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STAY AWAY! STAY AWAY! STAY AWAY! I have never lived in a place as bad as this. This place is absolutely horrible! The manager lives on site, can see first hand everything that goes on under her watch and does nothing as far as enforcement of any policy within the lease. People constantly park in office and handicapped spots, block other tennants garages and party late into the night in their garages. Several notices go out reminding residents that all of these are violations of the lease but nothing ever changes. The reminders are completely worthless as the manager does not do a thing to enforce them. A biker gang has taken up residence here and there are constantly people wearing their gang attire tracking the comings and goings of residents, partying late at night and constantly running their motorcycles and doing drugs in plain sight. I've never had to call the police a much as I have while I lived here. Many people here let their kids run wild as well. Children run through the complex screaming, harassing pets and hitting balls in the direction of oncoming cars. Unsupervised children running through alleyways as cars are backing out of garages is a major problem here. It is only a matter of time before someone s killed.
Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place. Living here is absolute hell!

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Colleges and Programs Near Canyon Springs Townhomes

College or Program Distance
Southern California Seminary 1.55 mi
San Diego Christian College 1.60 mi
Bellus Academy - El Cajon 2.58 mi
ICR Graduate School 3.13 mi
Scandinavian Aviation Academy 3.57 mi
Newbridge College - El Cajon 3.57 mi
Advanced Training Associates 3.89 mi
Grossmont Adult School ` 5.02 mi
Grossmont College 5.34 mi
Cuyamaca College 5.60 mi

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Homes With Kids

El Cajon Homes With ChildrenEl Cajon Homes Without Children

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Commute Time


El Cajon People Data

El CajonNational
Median Household Income$35,566$44,512
Single Males16%15%
Single Females12%12%
Median Age3436
Homes With Kids32%31%
Average Household Size33
Average Commute Time (Minutes)2726
The main types of people are:
  • Multi-lingual Suburbanites - Middle-class, suburban individuals who speak a foreign language.

    Age ranges from 30s to 60s. Some own their homes. Education varies from high school to college, with some earning graduate school degrees.

  • New Suburbanites - Mobile suburban singles.

    A high proportion of these pre-middle-age to middle-age singles have moved to the suburbs in the past 4 years. Some have a college education and work in professional or management careers.

  • Single-income Suburbanites - Single- income families living in the suburbs.

    Families with one partner working and the other a stay-at-home parent. Some have a college education and work in the service industry or management.

  • Dollars and Sense - Suburban, financially savvy families.

    More than 20% of these middle-aged married couples with children have a second mortgage or home equity loan. Most earn moderate incomes and work in management or professional occupations.

  • Suburban Trailblazers - Younger suburban immigrants.

    Foreign-language-speaking individuals earning lower to middle incomes. Education level varies from high school to college. Some own their homes, while others rent.

Schools in El Cajon Near Canyon Springs Townhomes

NameTypeGradesTest RatingDistance
St Kieran Catholic SchoolPrivatePK,K-8-1.1mi
W. D. Hall Elementary SchoolPublicK-51.15mi
Greenfield Middle SchoolPublic6-81.18mi
El Cajon Seventh-day Adventist Christian SchoolPrivateK-7-1.31mi
Winter Gardens Elementary SchoolPublicK-61.34mi
Taproot Montessori Preschool & KindergartenPrivate, MontessoriPK,K-1.43mi
Granite Hills High SchoolPublic7-121.43mi
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